Installing MS Office Communicator on Ubuntu – Linux


One of the guys I work with told me about running the Microsoft Office Communicator in Linux.  Its actually quite easy to install.  Simply go to The Sipe Project website on sourceforge and follow the instructions.  For me it was dead easy.

  1. Add a couple of sources to the /etc/apt/sources.list file ( deb jaunty main AND deb-src jaunty main)
  2. Run an apt-get command to install it. sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe

Once the install is complete you can now add Microsoft LCS/OCS as an account type in the list.  Simply fill in your creds and you are off to the races.

15 thoughts on “Installing MS Office Communicator on Ubuntu – Linux

  1. Hi

    I want Office Communicator 2007 to work with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11. I have tried using wine, but it asked no XML is available. But XML 6 is installed by wine.

    Here it seems to work on ubuntu(debian) please suggest me for configuring the same in SUSE Linux. (RPM) based. It is a needed requirement for us. Please help to make Office Communicator to work on Suse Linux.

  2. Hi Bharani,

    Its not possible to run Office communicator in Linux at all. The method suggested here allows only to chat but not use all the features of office communicator. I feel its better to switch to Windows 7.

  3. amazing!! it took me a while due to some credentials and ports that I didn’t know, but it wasn’t hard to find them out! really thanks for the post!

  4. It is nice if you write it in more detail, for a beginner, it is hard to understand what is pidgin, what is the “add couple of sources”, just saying ! but great stuff

  5. Yeah Sorry I typically write these posts at in a hurry. :s usually they are just to remind me of the steps to do something or a gotcha to watch out for. I am glad that this post has helped you guys out though!

  6. I want to use ocs/lcs connection with pidgin-sipe. I can connect Pidgin desktop app. to the ocs/lcs. But I can not do this in php-phurple.
    I can connect to the apps. msn,gtalk,facebook via php-phurple but not connect to ocs/lcs via php-phurple.

    Php-phurple is php-extensions as the following:
    this logs

    account var ve pid=prpl-sipe(16:43:41) account: Connecting to account alpay@SERVER.LOCAL.
    (16:43:41) prefs: /purple/savedstatus/idleaway changed, scheduling save.
    (16:43:41) prefs: /purple/savedstatus/isidleaway changed, scheduling save.
    (16:43:41) connection: Connecting. gc = 0x12f6140
    (16:43:41) sipe: sipe_purple_login: username ‘alpay@SERVER.LOCAL’
    (16:43:41) sipe: sipe_core_allocate: signin_name ‘alpay@SERVER.LOCAL’
    (16:43:41) sipe: sipe_core_allocate: user ‘alpay’ domain ‘SERVER.LOCAL’
    (16:43:41) sipe: sipe_core_connect: user specified SIP server bilge.server.local:0
    (16:43:41) sipe: transport_connect – hostname: bilge.server.local port: 5061
    (16:43:41) sipe: using SSL
    (16:43:41) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for bilge.server.local

    does not continue, that stops. please help me.

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